About Us

Designing websites is our speciality. Our web designs are 100% unique and designed specifically for you. Each website is hand coded in XHTML / HTML5 together with CSS, resulting in W3C standards compliance and accessibility. Additionally, we test each website in all popular browsers to make sure that they are cross-browser-friendly. Website graphics are optimised for the web to ensure fast loading speeds and well-thought out navigation helps your customers get what they want quickly.

Whether you are aiming to get a new business off the ground, or you want to replace an existing, out-of-date website, for one that's up-to-date in its design and functionality, our team will provide you with everything you need.

We have the skills and solutions to deliver stunning, affordable and cost-effective websites. Boffin Software provides solid value for your investment in website and internet presence.

Some of our recent clients

AASpeedy Driving School

If your NOT driving, then your not living!... www.aaspeedy.co.za

Citzens ZA

Help active citizens work in the areas of education, health, environmental sustainability, youth and employment, and crime prevention. www.citizens.za.com

Speedy Overborder Sevices

Freight Forwarding Services between South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland. www.sosjhb.co.za

Sun2Shade Awnings

We supply our clients with only the best quality products and service, that add beauty and value to your home or business www.sun2shade.co.za

Goodwood Boards

Bringing board and timber products to the public at more affordable and competitive prices. www.goodwoodboards.co.za

African Communications Resources

We are an international infrastructure project developer. www.acrprojects.com

Advanced Resin Technologies (ART)

Respected name in the field of development and manufacturing of unique damp proofing materials and floor paving products www.art-damp.co.za or art-damp.co.za